In 1993, the Ohio Department of Agriculture unveiled OHIO PROUD to promote food and agricultural products. This signature marketing program increases sales of items which are processed in Ohio. Ohio supplies a wealth of agricultural goods from meat and dairy products, snack foods and frozen entrees to beverages and specialty gourmet items. An Ohio agriculture is more than great food. From bedding plants and flower to timber, wool products and pet foods -- Ohio has it all.

This retail-based, consumer awareness program -- the first in the nation -- represents a major step forward for consumers. The OHIO PROUD logo serves as a convenient guide for shoppers who are looking for quality and goodness from Ohio's farmers and food processors.

Domestic Market consumers demand high quality, locally processed and grown products. OHIO PROUD, a marketing program for licensed partners, increases consumer awareness of food and agricultural products which are at least 50% processed in Ohio. The nominal licensing fee is $100.00.

What Do You Get Being A Licensed OHIO PROUD Partner . . . . This signature marketing program, managed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, increases sales of items which are raised, grown or processed in Ohio!

  • Unique point-of-sale advertising materials
  • Special promotions
  • Media Events
  • Reduced cost for attending Trade Shows
  • Increase of consumer awareness of your Ohio product
A 1995 statewide survey showed that 75 percent of Ohio consumers prefer to buy Ohio food and agricultural goods. Since 1995 consumer awareness survey showed a 21 percent increase in recognition of the OHIO PROUD logo over a two-year period since introduction in 1993.

Call 1-800-IM-PROUD for more information about the OHIO PROUD marketing program or complete the application and return to Ohio Department of Agriculture to see if your Ohio products qualify.


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